Lifeguard Training, FA and AED/CPR

Program Name
Approximate Hours
Lifeguards for Hire (Special Events) Hotels, Private Pools, Parties, Boating Events Business and home events requiring professional pool supervision. $35 per hour, 4 hour minimum
Jr. Lifeguard/Guard Start Swimmers 11 to 14 Years old Lessons to develop attitudes and skills needed to succeed in lifeguard training and enhance effectiveness on the job as a lifeguard. Variable according to need
Lifeguard Training Swimmers 15 years and older

Professionalism, surveillance, equipment-based rescues, spinal injury management and victim recognition

Approximately 30 hours
Water Park Lifeguard Training Certified ARC lifeguards Surveillance issues, recommended rules, and spinal injury techniques for water park attractions 5
Waterfront Lifeguard Training Certified ARC lifeguards Patron and faculty surveillance issues, rescue-board rescues, emergency preparedness 5.5
Lifeguard Management Certified Lifeguards, all National Programs

Training and supervisory techniques for managing staff, patrons, emergency response, lifeguard selection, team-building

Lifeguarding Instructor Training Certified ARC Lifeguards

How to use material and methods to conduct lifeguard training sessions and evaluate participants skills. Certified ARC Lifeguards under the age of 17 may become lifeguard instructors aids.

17 plus 6 hr pre-course
Automated External Defibrillator Lifeguards, others with a duty to act Defibrillation ; how the heart works; how to start a early defibrillation program 4
Oxygen Administration Lifeguards, other responders Using resuscitation devices; when and how to administer supplemental oxygen 2
Preventing Disease Transmission Lifeguards, other staff
Transmission of diseases, exposure control pain, emergency and follow-up procedures
Aquatic Examiner Program All aquatic facilities
Three separate services which may be used individually or together. Staff Training; On-Site Lifeguard evaluators
Water Safety Instructor Training Swimmers 17 years and older Teaching progressions, course and lesson planning. Recognize common skill errors, provide corrective feedback, motor learning, hydrodynamic principles. Training in cultural diversity, fitness and training, disabilities and other conditions. 26 plus 3 hr pre-course
Safety Swim for Swim Coaches Aquatic Coaches Preparation for, recognition and handling of emergency 8
Sport Safety Training Coaches, athletic trainers at all levels of sport

Sport related injury prevention, first aid care, adult CPR, child CPR (optional)

Community Water Safety Swimmers and non-swimmers, camp leaders, parents

leaders, parents

Safety tips for a large variety of aquatic venues, taking action in an emergency, and providing care until help arrives

4 or 5 - with optional in-water session

Workplace First Aid & Safety: Adult CPR/AED Training

Lifeguards and other employees
Adult CPR and how to use AED
CPR for the Professional Rescuer Lifeguards and other first responders Recognizing and caring for breathing and cardiac emergencies, two rescuer CPR, use of resuscitation mask and bag-valve-mask 9
Basic Water Rescue Anyone working in, on or around water
Recognizing emergencies, preparation for an aquatic emergency, and basic water rescue rescue skills
Basic Water Rescue Instructor Police, swim coaches, camp staff, other trainers
How to conduct basic water rescue training sessions for people who work in, on or around water. Skill evaluation
6.5 plus 1.5 hour pre-course
Shop Reporting Facilities in need of review Individual confidential Shopping of your facility with a thorough detail analysis with recommendations for improvement N/A
In Service Training Any Aquatic Facility and Staff Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Annual training and refreshers for the professional rescuer and lifeguarding staff. Emphasis on Professionalism, Spinal Backboard Management, CPR, first aid, Equipment Rescues and Team Building. N/A
Pre Season Pool Assessment For any facility $500.00 Includes review of services equipment and personnel necessary to meet or exceed state and local requirements and health code statutes. Also includes recommendations for staffing and rotations and emergency action plan review. N/A